Phone APP [BUG]

Hello everyone ! :slight_smile:

When i try to access to the phone application (http://DOMAIN/index.php/apps/ocsms/),
I got an error, can someone help me to fix it ?

Here is my error log

Bump Topic !

As a small hint, I would recommend to start a successful help request by providing relevant information first. This start with:

  • Which Nextcloud version are you running in which environment?
  • Which app version are you using?
  • How have you configured the app?
  • What error is being displayed? You have provide a pastbin link, but better is to paste it directly in you request. (Use ``` in a line before and after the log line to be readable)
  • Have you checked the GitHub repository of the app for any related issue tickets?

Problem not solved but i dont need anymore :slight_smile: thank anyway !