Personal signature for every user?

since so many users seem to just delete the pre-setup-frame for filing issus/problems under support and since this sometimes makes it really difficult to find out about the setup and/or environment of the instance i was asking myself how to change this in order to make it easier for other users to help without being forced to find a way in the dark.

so what do you think about personal signatures as a first step where (new) users are asked to fill in some basic points.
and then making such a signature mandatory to file issues to the forum?

i even don’t know is such a thing is possible here.

We had signatures in the old forum. To debug problems, these information were just too basic and people didn’t update them. Not all issues and questions require the template, but for many cases it helps and we put it together that it contains most important information.

If people are not willing to provide these information needed to help them, I don’t waste my time with their problems.


ok with me.

i was just wondering.
awww . and if there’s information missing that is requested by the template i’m just adding “mssing information” without any further comment

Thanks for the input. Many things already improved due to user feedback.

Yes, if it is obvious that important information is missing. From time to time we can review these tags and if the user does not provide more information after some time, we just close the topic.

We still have many unanswered topics, this way we can sort out the important issues and help users.