Permissions on private data


When i create a new user in nextcloud and this user adds private contacts, can the admin read this contacts?
In the settings of that user it’s shown that administrators have access to that data.

How can I avoid this?

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you as an admin could use impersonate-app to see ALL the data of ALL your users.

i don’t know if this warning would vanish if you’d disable said app. maybe it’s connected to encryption being set or not.

the warning would vanish after you’d disbable privacy-app. without solving any of the issues i just mentioned.

I activate the encryption-module and gave in old and new password und hit save but it sits there and does nothing. This is not compelling.

A new user shys to use this software when she sees that an admin can read the data. Especially when she reads about datasecurness and all that stuff in nextcloud.

You should assume in general that the admin of any system can access any data in it. If you don’t trust your sysadmin, that’s a separate problem entirely.

When the encrytion module does not work, nextcloud is useless for serious use. Maybe it is suitable for private use and then only for one or two persons which trust each other.

That’s a very narrow view of its usefulness. Most people store school or work related data in Nextcloud where it isn’t an issue that the sysadmin can gain access.

Do you really believe Google, Dropbox, etc. can’t access your data on their system?