Permissions bug on single directory

I’m using NC12RC3 on Ubuntu Xenial everything updated. The issue is bizarre and I have no idea whether it appeared in NC12 or whether it’s been there for ages and I just noticed it the other day. Basically, it’s this: my data directory is on an NTFS Windows drive that I mount via fstab with all the proper permissions and ownership by www-data. It’s been working perfectly for years.

The other day I noticed that I was getting the “You don’t have permission to upload or create files here” message. I went through the normal steps - checked permission, re-chown’ed, rebooted, force-scanned, etc. The problem persisted. I then noticed that it only existed on a single subdirectory of my data directory and on none of the subdirectories of that directory which seems nuts to me. In other words, I’m getting this:

Data root - works perfect
---- Subdirectory - works perfect
---- Subdirectory 2 - FAILS
-------- Sub-Subdirectory - works perfect
-------- Sub-Subdirectory - works perfect

Like I said, it’s not a permissions issue; I checked and the permissions and ownership are the same on all the directories and subdirectories.

I really have no idea where to begin debugging this issue but I wanted to report it because there’s a bug somewhere and I think that bug is in Nextcloud. Thanks.

if you also use the drive under windoze check the perms and logs there; if necessary (re)apply recursively (ntfs has many many more and much obscurer perms than just RWX)

Thanks but NTFS permissions aren’t the issue. The NTFS permissions are the same on every directory and subdirectory. The one that fails in Nextcloud literally has the exact same NTFS permissions as all the other directories that work fine, just like in Linux.