Permission issues with freenas

I have nextcloud running on freenas and my mac desktop connected as a afp share.
Ok what i want to do is access the storage location of the freenas uploded content on my afp share. However i supposedly dont have permission the access the media folder, after the inital user name and password setup.
So when i alter the permission in freenas iam able to access all of that content but nextcloud just more or less quits working.
So is there any way that i can get permission to that folder to access it and still have nextcloud function as normal?

Hey there. Did you ever figure this out? This is the exact issue I’m having. I can manage files both easily through my AFP share and through nextcloud. But if I upload files through nextcloud, then I don’t have permission to modify or move files on my AFP share, just read. I can’t figure out how to fix this.