Permission denied to create file - Calendar

I have a CENTOS 7, fully patched, vps with Plesk Onyx. NextCloud current version installed via Softaculous. Installation goes smoothly and Windows desktop app works well. The Android app is also working well.

I am also using CalDav Synchronizer with Outlook 2013. First profile I created is for Calendar. The sync fails with error 403 permission denied to create file xyz.ics. NextCloud doesn’t seem to report any error. On the server level Apache reports the 403 permission error on the SSL/TLS module.

I don’t know what to do from here.

Any leads what I can do to get this working?


i experienced that caldav sync sometimes can be a bit picky about URLs… at least it was the case with mine.
so i copied and pasted the general caldav-url (https://your-nc-instance-here.tld/remote.php/dav/ and let caldav snyc give an overview about which calenders are reachable after you press “test connection” (or such) - dorn’t forget to fill in your credentials correctly

awww. and btw: is your ssl-certificate set-up correctly and still valid?

I did the same thing with the general caldav url. When I click ‘test or discover settings’ there are no resources found. According to SSL checkers, my certificate is correctly installed.

Do u have a calendar setup in your nc-calendar?

So, by default NC displays an empty calendar. I didn’t know I had to create another calendar. So yes, I have the calendar syncing across all devices with no issues.

That’s files and calendar working. Next to tackle: contacts.