Periodically load ICS entries to existing CalDav calendar


we have a Nextcloud installation with a few different calendars shared amoung the team. Everything works fine including the integration of calendars to Thunderbird, Apple calendar (painful) and so on.

But we also have a software (Jira) which creates events into an .ics calendar. It is possible to subscribe to that .ics calendar in the various programs, or to add it as a subscription in nextcloud. That works and creates a new (obviously read-only) calendar in addition to the ones we use.

So my question now is: Is it somehow possible to automatically, i. e., periodically write/load the entries of the .ics-calendar into one of our regular Nextcloud calendars? So that users see in ONE single calendar the regular events of that calendar and in addition the events from the ics. It would be ok if these mirrored calendar entries are read-only, it is just that users should have everything in one calendar.

Of course I could import these entries manually every day/week/month - but of course that it not how it is meant to be… Any help is appreciated.

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If you want to subscribe to an external calendar resource you will find more details in the user manual:

If you want to import an ics file which contains a single event, you might mount the calendar resource in read/write mode on the console using davfs2 and copy the ics file to the mounted directory.

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