Performance problems with dashboard

Daphne, thx for supporting people about performance issues.

There are some poeple in my environment, who also complain about.
I did disable circle, but see not a difference.

in another forum i did recommend the following:

for me it was the dashboard.

Dashboard with all active options needs very, very much resources.

Some users reported issues with the loading time of Dashboard (up to 1 minute and more), while others did not.

Since Nextcloud is a resource-hungry application (PHP), it needs strong servers (especially memory/CPU) but also central is the internet speed - at least 100Mbits (up/down) should be available. Anything lower than that will cause perf. problems.

Then it also plays a role how many apps are installed.

About CIRCLE, Daphne … i saw this is a “FEATURED APP” - so one can assume, that this app should be fully supported (under the control of nextcloud GmbH), without any side effects in performance :slight_smile:

Can you open an own thread? And therefore we need more details.
First you can read Server tuning. Also new Nextcloud versions are faster. Maybe you can also test without the dashboard for a week to see the effects. The same applies to other applications that are not currently in use.

I just moved the topic. For new topics there is a template (as you have perhaps seen on other posts), where we ask for more information, e.g. Nextcloud version, installed apps, and logfiles. This would be interesting here…

Also Dashboard integrates information of other apps, perhaps one app creates a lot of the delays.