Performance issue on raspberry pi 2

Hi everyone,

I’m facing some performance issues on my nextcloud instance. When I hit my instance’s url the pages pop right away in maybe less than a second whereas after log in confirmation every pages take almost a minute or more and even doesn’t load at all sometimes. If I cancel the pages loading then refresh, the dashboard appears but continue to load (little circle animation in firefox’s tab bar).

At first I thought it could be bruteforce settings but I set it to false and clear the bruteforce_attempt table so it should not be relevant anymore.

I installed my instance on a raspberry pi 2 with :

  • mariadb
  • php7-fpm
  • apache2 with mpm-event (it is as long with mpm-worker)
  • redis for file locking
  • apcu for local cache
    My pi is behind my isp router (natted)

I tried to debug a bit by log-in and launch htop : it seems that cpu doesn’t even do anything during the couple minutes it needs to load pages.

Me too, with a RaspberryPi 2.

This night I’m going to try install in a RPi 3+ and compare the up/down speed. If seems equal, it means that the RPi hardware have a critical bottle neck

Pi 3 runs a lot better. If you can, get the latest Pi 3+.

Pi devices have shared ethernet bandwidth with the usb bus, which really hurts when you add an external drive. Hope I explained that correctly.

Latest Pi 3+ models addresses this issue and adds gigabit ethernet.

Yeah, Pi 3+ has gigabit ethernet, but still share bandwidth with the USB. So it has a teorical 300Mb/s bandwitch, who is less in the reality.

Complete benchmark:

Sure, a RPi3 runs better than a RPi2, but load times of one minute+ are not even normal on a RPi2. I had a NCBox running for quite some time and I never experienced such load times.

Sure, the RPI2 hasn’t been a super-power server, but it went quite good and I only ditched it, due to the fact that the load times for my passman vaults, were too cumbersome for me.

If I had to place a bet on this issue, I’d suspect either some DNS issues or, if those RPIs are also accessible through from the internet, some issues with the local router, which would have to received internal packets as arriving from the internet, since the name of the NC instance is resolved by the internet, but the client actually being located in the local LAN.

Do these lags in loading also occur, when accessing the nectcloud instance from the internet while not on the local LAN?

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Same here, running Nextcloud for several years with adequate performance on RPi2 as home server.

You should check your idle CPU and memory usage, if maybe some other software or bad configured database fills up something. Use htop e.g. for quick overview what is running and consuming how much resources. Perhaps reconfiguring or uninstalling some unused packages might solve your issue.

€: Ah sorry, didn’t see you already checked htop. What about idle memory usage?