Performance for talk with signaling server


We have installed a signaling server with the offical high performance backend. However, we still have some issues, especially when users connect with mobile devices through the app.

Are there any guides or instruction for how to setup nextcloud, talk, and signaling server for best performance? Any tips or other ideas would be great.

We use the standard nextcloud STUN server, and our own TURN & Signaling Server setup with the high performance backend.

Thank you for you time.

Perhaps you can use for testing another STUN server.
Do your really need TURN? Perhaps here is the problem.
Can you disable TURN und test it without TURN?
Can you test the performance from systems with only STUN and not TURN in networks that need no TURN.

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this? (if you can’t read german, the cli commands should be helpful anyhow.)

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Hi again. Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve followed @devnull and tried without TURN but the problem persist as long as the Signaling Server is on.

I’m trying to do like the instructions in the post linked by @Reiner_Nippes . Right now I’m running the signaling server, but seeing constant error with similar to this during calls:

2020/08/11 13:26:24.982906 janus_client.go:473: Unable to deliver message {
   "janus": "detached",
   "session_id": 4902758294093937,
   "sender": 4505790372430938
}. Handle 4505790372430938 gone?

Any ideas?

Hi. I solved my JANUS problem. Seems like it was related to the log file not rotating, so it became too big? Not sure if it was the problem, but by setting up rotation and removing the large log file it started working.

Anyways. I still have problems with performance. It seems to work fine with 1to1 or even group chat with 3 people as long as they are all using PC/Mac. But when the mobile app is involved, things becomes very buggy. Mobile app not able to show video, audio etc regularly. Any other ideas for how to configure setups for making this work best as possible would be appreciated.

Hi, i found your errordescription which is the same like i am struggling with.
Could you tell me which logfile you deleted?
And what do you mean with “setting up rotation”?

Thank you for an answer.


I don’t remember excatly but I think it was located somewhere in “/var/log”. If you are on Ubuntu like me you can “ls -la /var/log” and see if any large log files are there. And by logrotate I basically mean to setup so that logs are rotated regularly, e.g every day it creates a new logfile and rename the old one to something like janus.log.1 and then the next day do the same but rename the previous one to janus.log.2, and then keep maybe the few most recent ones. I don’t have access to how excatly I did it here but I think you can find it by following JANUS instructions or what is written in the high-performance backend repo for Nextcloud.