Performance expectations?


First of all, thanks for running a fantastic open source project. I’m using it nearly everyday.

Two questions around what expected latency should be like:

  • The web interface performance is somewhat slow. It does sort of match what I’m used to from work where they run MS. However I work for one of those admin heavy firms, so would expect to have poor performance there, and wanted to understand if e.g. opening folders, etc., should be more or less instant or not.

  • I succesfully installed Collabora and am in awe with the Nextcloud support and documentation. However the latency when editing files is such that it is possible to do quick fixes to documents, however I would find it irritating composing documents. Is this what should be expected?

I did go through some, but not all, server tuning exercises mentioned in the readthedocs manuals. It is planned to go through all of them, however just wanted to check what the expectations should be like.

My CPU mostly sits at 50%, with some rare peaks to 90%. I’ve got 6GB RAM on the server, 2.5GB in use and 1GB in a swap file.


And what sort of hardware is this?

Collabora’s sluggishness has been one of the reasons, which made me turn to OnlyOffice instead. In Collabora, you offload all work to the Collabora instance and the actual client acts more like a RDP client, which only reflects the changes to the document.

In that regard, Collabora will consume a lot of resources, be it either CPU and RAM, whereas OnlyOffice runs it’s components in the client’s browser. This has proven to be much better for us.