Performance down, if I upload something

I have a new nextcloud 16 installation on a server Intel i5 (4 cores) with 16GB main memory and only 4 user.

Now, if one user upload files (per browser or WebDAV), the application at the browser for the other user are very slow.
What can I do to stop this happening?


You can certainly improve your configuration. Did you enable caching with redis? Optimize the size of your database cache? Then it can also be the number of connections to your webserver. The best is to monitor the server under load and check where the bottleneck is (CPU, memory, disk i/o), e.g. if you don’t use redis, you database probably creates a lot of i/o operations on your disk.

16 GB RAM should be enough to operate this smoothly. It certainly depends on the usage, if every user has multiple clients connected and each of them uploads thousands of files at the same time, you can test the limits.

I have read (google) that redis database very fast.
Have you a link for installation documentation for me, how I can install redist with nextcloud?