Performance ... different Files and Folders


i have a big collection of audiofiles (mp3, …) in one folder.

Too big to scann all that files, so i decided to switch back to a single folder with less files and subdirs.

That worked so fine, but now i wanted to include audiofiles from other folders too.

What i did …

1st i scanned all my files in folder A

then i changed my path settings for Audio Player to folder “B”

2nd i scanned all the files in folder B

Nice! All my scanned files of folder A are still in database and resist in the Album View and more files come up by scanning folder B.

Now i can see and play all files of folders A and B allthough only the last folder is in the path settings.

The Performance of the app is still ok.

Now a little question:

When new files are saved to folder A and i scann for new files - i suggest i have to switch back the path settings first
and same procedure with new files in folder B - correct?

The DB will resist untill i wipe the DB of previous scanns?!


P.S.: would be nice, if audio player could recognize m3u files (online Radio, e.g.)

The database is searched for audio files within the path. A single folder can be specified for indexing. Neither can we guarantee that your approach will work in a future version, nor will we support it.

Playlist support is on the to-do list.

Thank you.

But never the less - if this approach is undocumented

It’s a feature not a Bug :slight_smile: - i would say

It’s not a function and it will not be documented. :wink:
We can not guarantee that this functionality will be retained in future versions.