Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized

Hey Forum,

I have my own SSL certificate for my company and now I’m planing to use NextCloud for it as well. Awesome looking application you’ve did there. :wink:

But I’m having difficulties implementing Collabora CODE. I’ve installed CODE as they’ve statted on their website (without the docker on CentOS, cause I don’t want to use docker(yet)) but whenever I try to open a file I get an Internal Server error and in the logs I see: cURL error 60: Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized.

How and why? I’ve set everything up nicely, it is working great, but implementing Collabora CODE is a nightmare. Am I understanding it right that nextcloud rejects the request just because it can’t verify the issuer for my certificate (It is GeoTrust BTW).

Thanks for your help in advance!


hey, i am facing the same issue. were you able to get it resolved?