Peer-to-Peer trading app: Is NextCloud suppose to be a platform to enable or extend third party services?

Hey, folks.

About me

I am currently building a company, which focuses on selling services, like tent rental on festivals. It also enables others to manage operations after a sell to produce the sold services/products. Recent news and documentaries about the “share economy” got me and i’ve been thinking about extending my business and software stack since.

What i would like to do

I am thinking about an peer-to-peer trading app (installed in a NextCloud instance), which allows trading, organizing and other involved activities. Therefore this app would have the following enterprise-focused features, like:

  • selling/offering services (and products) by one NextCloud instance/user to another
  • managing project based collaborations like: peer 1 sold something to peer 2, peer 3 gets involved to handle the transport, for instance

Enterprise means business to business here. Fees and payed features are also possible.

My questions

Before i dive deeper into the concept, i would like to get clarifications on the following questions:

  1. Is NextCloud suppose to enable such apps?
  2. Are there any examples of people or firms, who built something similar already?
  3. Are there any technical restrictions i should be aware of?
  4. There is currently no suitable category in the App Store for such apps. Is it possible to create it?

I googled and tried the search function with keywords like “commerce platform” or “e-commerce shop app”, but didn’t find anything helpful.

Thanks for your help and feedback!