Peculiar Config.php Issue that i am unable to resolve (Freenas)

Good Morning All

I have been struggling with a specific issue that it seems only i am experiencing. I have been searching all over the place for a answer, however, i am unable to find a solution. I am not very well versed in Freenas or NextCloud (anything Linux or FreeBSD based for that matter) but am trying a new approach.

I successfully installed Freenas on a Supermicro Raid Server as the main OS together with a Nextcloud Plugin. All works well, except for the fact that no Config.php file have been created. Due to this, i am unable to run the Web Interface through my firewall as it keeps on shouting an untrusted domain issue. I am not sure if i am just an idiot regarding this. I searched everywhere for the file but have been unable to find it.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Who created this “Nextcloud Plugin”? The Freenas people?

I believe so, yes, it is part of the Plugins that comes with FreeNAS

So, if no one responds to you here I would suggest to contact the freenas people.

Will do, thank you :slight_smile: