PDF Viewer Adaptation

could anyone tell me if there is a possibility to create a link to a pdf document on Nextcloud without showing the Nextcloud toolbar? Or can I adjust the CSS of the pfd viewer app somehow?

Background: We would like to integrate links on a webpage to pdf files on Nextcloud, but we would like to show them without the Nextcloud Toolbar on the top, so all the pdf documents look the same when the user opens them, no matter which source they are coming from.

Thank you in advance,


I don’t think it is possible right now. To display the PDF file the PDF viewer app in Nextcloud is used to render the PDF. I think just like all apps it simply uses the Nextcloud APIs and because of that it shows the PDF document right under the top bar of Nextcloud.

I’m not sure if a feature request has to be posted for the PDF viewer app or for the server repo. I would try the PDF viewer first and post a feature request there: