Pax Fax incoming faxes don't arrive

Hi all,

I’ve installed the Pax Fax app into NextCloud running on my Synology under Docker. I’m using the manual install method for the all-in-one distribution and am on version 24.0.7. Fax App is at version 1.0.7.

I am able to send faxes through phaxio and I can see that the files are saved appropriately in the sent folders; however, on receive phaxio posts to the callback url and and receives a 200 OK from my installation. The sent file never appears in NextCloud. The Apache logs show a 200 OK for the post as well, but I can’t seem to find any other logs that point me to where to look to troubleshoot this issue.

The traffic flow is nginx proxy manager container → nextcloud-aio-apache container → whatever apache does with the posted data.

Edit: Looking at the responses in the phaxio console, I’m getting a “200 OK” as the header, but the body of the response is “access denied”

I’d say best is to create an issue here as this looks like a bug to me…

If the callback URL is well-constructed as explained on the Settings page of Pax Fax, in the ’ Phaxio callback URL for incoming faxes’ section, the only reason for getting ‘access denied’ when receiving faxes must be a permission/access problem caused by your particular setup which, as you mention, includes Docker, Nginx as a proxy and Apache. The shortest way to solving your problem would be to install Nextcloud 25 directly on your server, and have it served by Nginx only. Docker and Apache can be left out of this setup. As much as they promise to help, containers often complicate things and end up by creating as many problems as they claim to solve. Apart from some specific cases where their use can be justified, they can be generally avoided. Keeping things simple is always preferable and easier to maintain in the long run. Nextcloud is difficult to install ‘manually’ directly on a server only if you follow the incomplete guides which are so numerous. However, it’s very easy to install if you follow this complete, command-by-command guide.

You can post any issues related to Pax Fax on the dedicated issues page, or even on the GitHub issues page, if you find it easier to use.