Paused sync broke my client?

I have the client installed on my Linux Mint OS. I needed to restart the system while i was currently in the middle of a sync so i paused it by clicking the three-dot menu, then restarted my computer. after the restart, i opened the client again but now i cannot open the three dot menu to resume syncing. it also no longer shows up as running with icon on the toolbar. How do i fix this to resume my sync?

Using Mint too, no issues here. (What version Mint/Client/server?)

Maybe try stopping client and starting from terminal to view output, and check log (couldnt find any client log, assume it’s turned off):

nextcloud --logfile /tmp/nc.log


cat /tmp/nc.log

Client v 2.5.1

Oddly enough, the client seems to have become functional again after about 6 hours passed (maybe sooner, this was just when i noticed it). I was able to open that menu and click the resume sync now. Although the notification icon that should be present on my tool bar is still missing.

I am on Mint 19 Cinnamon (Cinnamon 3.8.9),
Client 2.5.1.