Pause sync, only sync on home wifi, resync all photo's, granular notification controls

I recently went on vacation with sporadic crappy wifi. Still everytime it connected it started flooding the low bandwith with my phone camera uploads to my home server.

I’d like to be able to do one (or preferably all) of the following:

  • Set the NextCloud app to only sync on my home wifi (perhaps even only when it is being charged.)
  • Incorporate a “pause syncing” button into the app to stop syncing during i.e. vacations.

At some point I also cancelled all uploads to get rid of the messages. Of course when I’m home I do want to sync everything again. So I’d also like:

  • A button that resyncs and ensures that all pictures on the phone are in fact also present on the server.
    This is also handy to make you feel good before you factory reset a phone for example.

Another small annoyance is the fact that if a download is discontinued, even at 99.5%, it has to redownload from the beginning when you connect to another network, so:

  • Resume up/downloads.
    would be nice.

Also I get a lot of failed upload notifications when I walk in and out of the reach of networks. I prefer it just silently tries again when the connection is more solid (again, some kind of indicator that all pictures on the phone are really also present on the server would be nice), so

  • More granularity in setting up the notifications
    would also be nice.

Thanx a lot, note that these are just requests, overall I’m a very happy user of NextCloud!

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Are you talking about Android or iOS?

I use Android (6.0.1). But if I ever were to switch to iOS I imagine I’d like the same features :wink:

Some of the features are already in the works :slight_smile:

Only while charging is currently being developed:
Home wifi as in black/whitelisting wifis isn’t on the roadmap and also rather tricky since it adds further configuration possibilities to the user making it more complex to deal with. What we will implement though is a blocking upload on metered wifis when “Upload only on wifi” is enabled, so treating metered wifi networks like cellular ones which would solve your issue too if you just flag the vacation wifi as metered:

This would also be resolved by the metered wifi mechanism :slight_smile:

That is something we kind of also trying to achieve (in the longer term) by simply having local folder sync mechanisms.

At least for Uploads that is also being developed currently:[quote=“freek, post:1, topic:2106”]

  • More granularity in setting up the notifications

That’s something we try to avoid :wink: What we always try to achieve is a (smart) behavior by the app. To improve things here I/we would rather like to discuss the annoyance with notifications and improve them in general so you wouldn’t have to manually configure anything regarding notifications.


Regarding resuming download: I have opened an issue: