Path too long? sync on PC not complete

I am very sorry, but I don´t know which client we are using. Maybe anyone can help either:

My college uses a Mac, I have a windows PC. Sometimes he creates a new folder and it syncs, so online in the Browser I can see it. But my PC doesn-t synch. Logfile is empty and there is nothing “not synchonised” Everything seems fine…except that I can´t see the folder on my PC.

This seems to happen, if there are other folders INSIDE the folder. If there are only files in there, I can see it. So maybe the pathdepth is limited? Or ist there any possibility to fix it? The path depth is: C:\Users\myname\Nextcloud\folder\folder\folder\folder/and then the folder, which isn´t shown/then the other folders

Again: If the last folder only has files in it, there is no problem…
I hope, anyone can help. THX a lot in advance!
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I’m not sure if I understand the problem correctly, but you could try to disable the path length limit of Windows, if the client uses Windows. See this reference: to disable the 260 char length limit.

Too long paths are evil. Rather try to make your folder structure more flat.

I am so sorry, we found the problem…my collegue had made an empty space at the end of the foldername…:confused: So we changed the name and it works out fine…It was no problem for his Mac, but windows didn´t like it.
Thanks anyway for your help :slight_smile:
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