Passwords app version number convention

The most recent versions of the Passwords app start with 2023.4.30.... Iā€™m wondering if that was supposed to be 2023.3.30... as in March 30, 2023.

No, this is the correct version number.
The version number of the app has the following schema: <year>.<month>.<build><patch>. The build can (currently) be a number between 1-3 where ā€œ1ā€ is for PHP 7.4 with NC 25, ā€œ2ā€ is for PHP 8.0 with NC 25/26 and ā€œ3ā€ is for PHP 8.1/8.2 and NC 25/26.
All of these versions have the same functionality but the code contains patches that solve specific issues with some versions of PHP or Nextcloud.
This versioning schema ensures that users always get the latest version that works with their system and automatically get offered a an update when they update PHP.
So 2023.4.30 is the build of the 2023.4.0-version for NC 25/26 with PHP 8.1/8.2.

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