Passwords App not working

Since a few weeks I have not been able to modify passwords in the Passwords App. A box is appearing in Red showing the following message: “Compromised”. I tried to change the passwords as recommended but when clicking on Save, it does not work . Somebody can help please!!

What does not work? Is there an error message?

Hello thank you for your help. In fact a box has appeared in RED showing “Compromised”.

When clicking on “Compromise” the following message occurs 2019-07-24_16-11-57

When I finally try to change the password, I try to save and it never goes to the end

I see you’re using the Passman app, not the Passwords app. You will probably get the best help if you move your issue to the passman category.

moved to passman category which is maintained by @brantje

thank you. Sorry for unconvenience

sorry, on my NextCloud environnement it was written Passwords under the logo. I did not notice the difference. Thank you