Passwords App Much Slower Than Lastpass To Load Passwords - Why? Can Improve?

I am finding the Passwords app to be a lot slower when interacting with it from the main Nextcloud interface. I’ve got a very powerful server with tons of memory. It’s a software issue of some kind. Can it be improved?

I’ve created a video to make more clear what I am running into.

Be sure to check the Passwords app github repo to see if similar issues are already reported: Issues · marius-wieschollek/passwords · GitHub

Hi @compumatter,
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There are three main things you can do to speed up the app.

1.) Enable End-to-End Encryption. Server side encryption only uses a single thread (PHP :cry: ) and is therefore slow. End-to-End encryption is usually faster. I did a check on the test environment and E2E was done around twice as fast with 157 passwords and the server responses were 8 times faster.
2.) Use the folder section. It’s the default since with folders, the app has to load less and is much faster.
3.) Use PHP 8.1. It’s faster than older versions like 7.4.