Passwords app and 2FA

The documentation says:

Access Protection & Two-Factor-Authentication

Passwords offers the option of a master password for additional safety. (In combination with client side encryption) The app also supports most 2FA authentication methods offered by Nextcloud

Where can it be enabled? I could successfully enable e2e encryption, and am asked for the master pw after the set timeout, but I can find no option for the 2FA (I’d like to use the same Yubikey that I’m using for the main NC pwless login and 2FA)
Is it possible?

The last entry for two-factor-enabled in _features/features-v1.json is for 2022.10, does it mean that the feature is already standard, in this case, how to turn it on, or that it has been removed?

  "2022.10" : {
        "two-factor-enabled"   : false,
        "two-factor-required"  : false

Thanks, Peter NC 25.0.1 , passwords 2022.11.21 w/handbook