Passwordless questiosn

Trying to understand how “passwordless” authentication was designed in Nextcloud.

I am looking to enforce a FIDO2 (also known as passwordless) “second” factor for authenticating via the web interface. I’d like to actually remove the password for an account and require the FIDO token as the strong second factor. Can that be done?

Can the initial login screen with the UID and PW fields be removed and ONLY have the ability to log in via FIDO? Any plans to support discoverable credentials on the devices so that end users don’t have to enter their UserID?

I have the same problem, and it’s only partially solved. I seem not to be able to deactivate two factor authentication. So when I have passwordless login, I have to press the button of the dongle once for passwordless and again for second factor. This works, but is kind of annoying.

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