"Password required to continue" when enabling/disabling apps but I don't have a password in the first place

This isn’t a bug, just a quick question I’m really struggling with. My Nextcloud instance uses OpenID Connect for login, and there are no users that can log in with a password directly through Nextcloud. All users are handled by the OIDC IdP, including my admin account, and the IdP is what decidees whether you even get to log in to Nextcloud with your account. All this to say my admin account doesn’t have a password that Nextcloud’s aware of.

But when I try to do certain things like install an app, I get prompted for my account password! Doesn’t seem the dialog box is aware of the fact my account doesn’t have one. Is there a way to disable the dialog box? Could there be something I can put in the config.php? This renders my nextcloud somewhat unusable, at least for admin things.

Just in case:
I know I can just add a password to my admin account and use that. But I don’t want to have any kind of way to bypass OpenID Connect, and I’m fairly certain it’ll always be me doing thesde things, I’d really rather not need a password for my admin account.