Password recovery with only email address, not username

Hi all,

I’ve got a self-hosted install of NextCloud.

I’m using a mix of LDAP users and local DB users which works great!

My “guest” users are in the local DB, and internal users in LDAP.

My issue is with the password recovery. When a guest user forgets his/her password and only knows his/her email address, clicking on the forgot password link (with an email address in the username textbox) which pops up after an incorrect password attempt gives an error because the PHP code is looking for a username, not an email address.

Is there something I’m overlooking? I’m using NextCloud 10.0.0 which I’ve tweaked a little bit, but nothing to do with password recovery. Does 10.0.1 address this?

Is there some way to get the local DB users to get a password recovery email by using their email address and not their user name?



Wasn’t there a new feature that you could also login with your e-mailaddress? Not sure if that works in combination with LDAP. In that case you could perhaps ask to reset the password.

Hi there,

Yes, you can log on using your email address and that works no problem.

What I’m trying to do is a password recovery using an email address as reference as opposed to a user name.

I looked into the PHP code and the password recovery sequence expects a user name, not an email address. I would have to modify the code to accept an email address I guess…

  • Robert

Please open a feature request on, if you find an implementation, they will be very happy about a pull request as well.