Password protected file sharing error


I have installed Nextcloud 11 on Debian Jessie with Nginx and php5-fpm. Almost everything working perfectly however I have little trouble with files sharing.

The problem is, when I try to share password protected file. When I type very simple password (eg. ‘aaa’) JavaScript shows ‘Error’. But normal behavior is that the message should be ‘Password is within the 1,0…most common…’

Important thing is, that I have checked ‘Enforce password protection’ (in admin -> sharing section). If is the button unchecked or if I use Apache2 with mod_php everything works fine.

Response with Apache2:

{"ocs":{"meta":{"status":"failure","statuscode":403,"message":"Password is within the 1,000,000 most common passwords. Please choose another one."},"data":[]}}

and with Nginx:
…some html…
Access forbidden
…some html…

Access logs of nginx and apache2 looks same (response is 403) and there is no entry in error log.

Nginx and PHP5-fpm configurations files are taken from NC documentation, so there is no something special on them.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install Nextcloud11 (Nginx with php5-fpm)
  • Login to the admin area, select sharing section and check ‘Enforce password protection’
  • Try to share file with simple password

Thanks for any help!

There is already a bug report: