Password problem


I’ve installed nextcloud on my server and every time I want to login I get a password error. I’ve installed it several times and I AM SURE the user and the password are right. What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

please, be more specific about server version, php and db infos…


I have this info:

CenOs Linux 7.5.1084
PHP 7.0.31
NextCloud 13.,0.5

The url is

Do you need more info?


unfortunatly yes, mysql version please

Try this:

and “Password forgotten”.
Email settings need to set that you get an email with a new password.

if he is using a mysql >= 8.2, the auth method change and need some conf modification

heck :slight_smile:

Sorry, my sql version is 5.5.60


I’ve tried this option, but I get an error sending the email.


Solved. It was php permissions problem.


Could you explain which php permission error? Just for other user who may ask for it :wink:

It was not me. They talked about “server directory permissions”. I’ll try to get more info.