Password policy - missing translation from validation messages

Nextcloud 13.01.1

The validation of my rules works but the error messages are only displayed in English. the translations do not work here. Any idea what I can do?

Contribute on the translations on, help to translate all the strings in your language. Until then, some strings will be shown in English instead.

The strings are translated to 100% in german on transiflex. I had forgotten to say that I have this problem in the template password reset. Any idea?


I would really like to contribute in translation of these password hints. Could someone please advice how? transifex is telling me that both german languages are translated 100%…

Perhaps as the app was released not everything was translated yet?

The strings are correctly translated, but a bug is present for translation during registration:

I found the cause and I’ll push a pull request this afternoon.

Edit :

Nextcloud 13.0/3 was released. It contains the fix.

Have fun :wink:

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