Password in plain text on user page of this forum

Why is my password shown in plain text in the user page of this forum? That means you don’t store it salted and hashed, do you? Also it means anybody looking over my shoulder in the train at this very moment has seen my password. :cry:

Wow, that sounds somewhat awkward :frowning: As I cannot find what you are on about, would you please be so kind as to point me to where the page shows my password in clear text? I can only see the option to get a password-reset-email sent to me.


Just click your avatar in the top right, then click your name.

I see this at the top left:

The uncool thing is, your browser autocompleted your password into the “real name” field.
I used my admin powers to delete it, but I recommend you change your password and make sure it does not autocomplete into some fields, the next time you change a personal setting.


Wow, never realized that could be a thing. Glad it’s not what I thought it was. Thanx!