Password file and regedit question

Where can I find the file where the password is stored windows client? Or where can I find it in regedit? Nextcloud.cfg has only the user name.

Hi. This subcategory of the Nextcloud forum is actually for the app called passwords.

But i will try to answer your question anyway. The Nextcloud Client uses the Windows credential manager to save your password. You can find it in the system configuration or by running “control keymgr.dll” from a cmd.

Thank you for finding it, but I have a problem even if I create the same credential, I ask for the password, why?

Thank you for finding it, but I would have a problem if I create the same entry manually, it doesn’t work. Do I have to set something up yet?

I would assume that the app looks only for the password it has created itself. I don’t think it is possible to trick the app into using a password you created yourself.

The destination is to sign in with 1 user on 25 machines, but we want to install it remotely in silent mode. I copied .cfg, but still asks for the password if I manually add it to windows authentication. Can you do this somehow?