Password app: you are using legacy support release


Thank you for your time and effort to help!! Much appreciated!

I have updated NC to the latest version few weeks ago:

All apps are up to date, including password app:

Why do I still get:

in the passwort settings?

Am I missing something or is this some sort of a bug?
Note: the system is running fine. I am just covering my bases.

Thanks you

If you click on the link in the message, it sends you to this page which has all the details: System Requirements · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab

Thanks, figured it out. Docker version of nextcloud still uses PHP7.

I’m running into the same issue, the app tells me " You are using a legacy support release of the passwords app. The developers do not provide support for legacy support releases. Upgrade your server to use the regular version."
I checked the requiremens there - and I don’t see any point where my system is failing. I’m on 25, my server is using MariaDB, it is running under Linux (it is a Synology NAS), the server has got nearly 4GB RAM, it is more than enough disc space and “intl” is available as well.

Are there any more hints in some log?

The page was a bit outdated on PHP. PHP 8.1 is required as of this months release for the regular version. The LSR version supports PHP 7.4, 8.0 & 8.1.

Ah okay. Would be really great if the message could be expanded, so there isn’t that mich guessing.

Hello All,

I have the same issue, running version 25.0.3 Currently as I can’t upgrade to 25.0.4 due to this app not being able to update for some reason, but it is still complaining on the legacy support release. while I do match all criteria, PHP 8.1, MariaDB 10.5, EL9, HTTPS, All required PHP plugins, System running in CRON mode (not ajax or webcron). but still this message appears.

Downloaded the latest version again of the passwords app and installed it, still a no go.

please let me know what I can check/change.