Password app login screen returns to Files screen

I enabled e2e in the Passwords app in CN20+ and I presume it was successful as I wasn’t given a notification stating otherwise.

Now when I go to the app’s screen I’m prompted with the password field and Login button. If I enter a know incorrect password I’m given “Password invalid”. If I enter the correct password the spinning doughnut starts on the Login button but the page redirects to the Files screen.

Firefox Passwords for Nextcloud Add-on and NC Passwords app on Android both still have access to all credentials.

What can I do to troubleshoot this one?

That sounds like something is wrong with the redirect logic in the form.

You could try and see if there is an error logged in the browser. To do so, press F12 to open the developer tools, switch to the console tab and enable the “preserve logs” option in the settings. Settings can be opened by clicking the :gear: icon in the top right.
Maybe there is an error before you’re redirected to the files app.

You could also try and remove the redirect data from the url. The url of the authentication page usually looks like https://<domain>/apps/passwords/#/authorize/eyJuYW1lIjoiRm9sZGVycyIsInBhdGgiOiIvZm9sZGVycyIsImhhc2giOiIiLCJwYXJhbXMiOnt9fQ==. If you use https://<domain>/apps/passwords/#/authorize instead, it should just redirect to the default view of the app.

@mdw Thank you for assisting!

I’m not a developer so my knowledge is limited here. I’m using Firefox so I presume the “preserve logs” mentioned would be “persist logs”?

There are several issue which popped up in Console, as you can see. Anything here obvious to you?

The attached screenshot is the alternate URL you suggested.

On last thing, after redirecting to Folders screen, the URL is https://<domain>/apps/passwords/#/folders

That url is for the folders section of the passwords app. What is the issue there?

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Oh geeze… What a dumbass I am… :roll_eyes:

Scratch all that! It looks so similar to the Files screen I assumed I had a problem. And that kids, is how making assumptions can make you look like as idiot…

Thanks @mdw !!

Well, you still had the document.querySelector issue in your browser log which i fixed for the next version. :laughing:

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