Passman vault recovery [SOLVED]

I accidently deleted my nextcloud user and admin accounts from the database. I still have the same database. I recreated new admin and user and got nextcloud up and running and pointed back to my data. However, I cannot login into the Passman vault. I did save a copy of the original config.php file and the entire original directory. Moving salt values and origins over to the new config file prevents me from getting into nextcloud, and having the new values prevents me from getting into Passman.

Is there a way for me to recover my vault? I do have the password correct too.

Also, selecting recover password tends to only give the option to the admin (me) of deleting the vault. There is not password recovery unless the words mean something else.


  • I copied the passwordsalt and secret into config.php (I had already done that)
  • I think restarting the webserver (Apache) is the difference that made it work.