Passman upgrade for NC 21

Is there a roadmap to upgrade for NextCloud 20 and NextCloud 21?

Would be great to have some reply. I’m still waiting to upgrade from NC19 to NC20 because of Passman.

Actually, looking at the commits on GitHub it does seem no longer maintained.
I’d recommend to switch to the password app instead.

this is completly insane! I just did an upgrade without even care of this.

why is this app in the app store then? why are they just add unctrolled code and jumping between “”"“major releases”""" and just let everybody stay in the shit?

regain control? nextcloud has taken the control and is fucking everybody

Hold your horses, mate. This isn’t the language we want on our forums. Pls check nc code of conduct and nc guidelines as you agreed to them by setting up an account here.

Plus have you put into consideration that anyone forced you to update? It’s your own responsibility, only.

I’m considering to let others know that they leave people behind that are using addons from their own app store, just because they think its needed to release shiny new code on a hourly base. focusing on the core while not even try to take a look over the shoulder and blindly cut out their ecosystem is the worst behavior in the software world today.
yes I will downgrade everything now and leave. thanks for nothing

afaik it’s a 3rd party app. So why hitting on NC? You could hit on passman-devs… Or be getting into coding yourself?
Anyways… Again anyone forced you to upgrade. And pls remember you got everything for free.

If you want to report a feature request for passman (like ‘pls upgrade to nc 22’) go to their github page, check out if this issue was already reported and if not file a nice request. That’s how things are going.