Passman seems to be broken by 12.0.3 update

Passman was working fine in prior 12x release, but as of the 12.0.3 update, passman is now broken due to what looks to be core API issues


  • Decrypt a passman vault and working graphic spins indefinitely. Nothing is displayed
  • Attempt to export decrypted vault also now fails (I see prior reports of this issue too)

Error log:

  • Method OC_L10N_String::__toString() must return a string value at /srv/www/nextcloud/lib/private/L10N/L10N.php#85

  • vsprintf(): Too few arguments at /srv/www/nextcloud/lib/private/legacy/l10n/string.php#72

With that said, I think the above log items are unrelated as I see those same two errors in the log file back before the update to 12.0.3, when Passman was still working correctly. Thus, I am at a loss as to how to debug further. Any suggestions?

Passman works very well under 12.0.3. The issue of not being able to export the vault has been quite a long-standing issue and doesn’t relate to the 12.0.3 update. If you’re unable to log in to your vault, then there must be something else, which is causing it.

I’d suggest to open an issue on Passman’s Github page, the authors are keeping an eye out on the issues.

@darkernoise I guess the next step would be to open the firefox developertools --> webconsole and look if something stands out.


that corresponds to my post here:

but no answer yet, maybe a greater problem?

And you are right, passman basically is working under 12.0.3 …
entering the vault is not the problem.


the error of Passman not finishing the export of a vault has been somewhat resolved and a known workaraound for the current version is to put some file as an attachment into any one of your credentials. You can also create a new credential and append a file to it.

If you then hit Export to CSV or JSON, Passman will happily obey again and export vault in Chrome, just as it did before 2.0.3 (I guess).