Passman account missing


I am hoping someone can help me here. I have updated to Nextcloud 14.0.3 on a new database and copied all my files back in. I can see all my files but all my passwords and password account has gone.

I have got a old backup from Nextcloud on a previous version and I do know my passman password to access the account.

Can anyone help or point me in the direction of how can I retrieve it from a old database or config file so I can import it back into Nextcloud?

Thank you

Have a look at

Just tried the fix_layout_for_14 branch. Works fine with nextcloud 14. Maybe you should give it a try. Better than downgrading i guess.

Thank you for your reply.

I have taken a look on the link and I should have the saltpassword and secret from the config file. Do I just copy that over to make it work? or do I have to fix layout? where would I find that.


I was hoping for some help as I have copy if the nextcloud folder database that includes the secret and saltpassword. I do not have a copy of the SQL folder as I have installed a fresh copy of nc to 14.0.3.

Is there any way of retrieving the passwords.