Pass username and password in download link

Hello all,

I need to send a download link via an automated email, I would like to add the username and password in the link so that the end user does not have to enter the credentials everytime they get a new download file.

Is this possible?

Hm… Interesting idea. My first tough was that this is equal to not password protect a share link, but this is not true.

But looks still like a security risk for me. Wouldn’t you, by using this special link, send your user name & password unencrypted through the WWW?

Once you are logged in on your browser, if you open a new browser tab (manually or by following a link in your e-mail) should not require a new authentication process. But if you share something with a user, you will get a notification on the Nextcloud web-interface as well.

Putting username and password in a link is a very bad idea like @Hollerauer pointed out. Furthermore, Nextcloud only stores the hash of the password and does not know the actual user password.

Only thing I could image would be to pass the link to your sync client and use it to accept the share.

Perhaps you could use the API to create a share, then email out the share/download link. Would need to validate with the API docs as to if that’s possible though.