Parent directory won't delete because of hidden files in sub-directories


We’re running NextCloud 19.0.1. When a user has a hidden file (prepended with a dot ( . ) ) in a subdirectory, the user cannot delete the parent directory using the web interface. From the command line, I can delete the parent directory which also deletes the subdirectory with the hidden file.

In picture form:
/TLDirectory <–this is the directory the user is trying to delete
/MyPhotos <-this is the directory with the hidden file

The user wants to use the web interface to delete /TLDirectory which should also delete all subdirectories and all files within the subdirectories. But this is not working…the user is getting and “error deleting directory” message.

The user can see the hidden file and can delete the hidden file in that subdirectory using the web interface and THEN can delete the parent directory , but as long as hidden files exist in any subdirectory, the parent directory cannot be deleted using the web interface.

Is there an option in the configuration to force the delete even with hidden files present in the directory?

Do you see some log entries which may contain the technical error?

Hi @Jim_Connett,

We are currently running NC 18.0.4.

The behaviour we get is to be able to delete a parent directory even when it contains hidden files.

However I did only try this by creating a test folder and adding a single hidden file via the web interface.