Page not working

Pagina nu funcționează

Momentan, nu poate procesa această solicitare.


i have my browser in Romanian.

it says that i can’t acces that page,

Follow the usual steps to analyse website problems, check the DNS, the routing, the proxy, webserver and Nextcloud log files, etc., etc. Sorry, but without DETAILED information about your environment and used software versions it won’t be possible to give you any other advise.

Can you give me what and how to give to you as DETALIED information please? i don’t know where the logs are for nextcloud…
and i don’t know how to give to you detalied information, the dns is routed good, i have on the same server a website and in the website i put nextcloud, i mean, i have the nextcloud in the folder of my website, after i setup the mysql in the panel and showed me the login, afetr i press Login it appears that

sorry for bad english and / or bad explination

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