Ownership transfer request sent - but how to accept?

I am trying to transfer the ownership of a few files and folders with the new GUI. When I do, a notification appears saying “Ownership transfer request sent”.
Unfortunately, that seems to be pretty much all that happens. On the side of user whom I want to transfer the ownership to, no message appears asking to accept or decline the ownership.
So my question is: how is this meant to be used? How do I accept ownership transfer requests on the receiving side?

Nextcloud 18.0.4
No related messages in the logs.

and i have a different problem, for last week i am trying to transfer ownership of folder/files from (user1-sender to user2-receiver) and on receiving side there is proper notification, accepted also but not a single folder or file has been seen on user2 id.

new GUI (18.0.4) does not seem to be integrated properly.

Well, since this has been presented as a new feature in NC 18 and now even 19 is out, there must be some answer to this easy question. Or am I just being blind?

Does anybody have a hint please?

Just did the test, and User B will get a notification:

It also say that it could take up to 1 hour, I belive this is CRON job interval.
Then Popup is there informs me that was successfully done:

Be careful about this “nice” bug:

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately, I am not getting any notification and I have never seen any notification like that on my NC instance before, even though I have tried to transfer ownerships a lot…
I also can’t find anything suspicious in the logs, even after a few cron job intervals.

I wish I knew how to troubleshoot this because I’d really like to use this new feature.

Oh wow, now I see the problem I have: The “Notification” app was not installed and activated on my nextcloud instance. After installing and activating it I was able to see the transfer request and accept it. Thank you for the screenshot, that’s where I noticed the small notification bell that I did not see on my instance.

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Already carried out all the steps for Transfer of ownership of files but am not receiving the folders

please help

This was an old Tread, maybe you can open new one with information about your current installed NC Version etc. (there is a nice template)? Also provide steps that you did and what is not succeed.