ownCloud Sync Client with Nextcloud

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We want to update our ownCloud 9.0.8 instance to Nextcloud 12.0.2. Now is my question, can we use the ownCloud Windows Sync Client 2.3.0 or is it not supportet? When not supportet, how is the best way to migrate to the new Client from Nextcloud for 200 active Users?

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The sync clients are still essentially the same, just the branding that is different so shouldn’t be any issues.

@thatscoteng Thanks for the answer. But it is recommended to use the Nextcloud Client?

It would be advisable to migrate to the NC client at some point. This to make sure that if there are going to be changes between OC and NC sync implementation you are covered with the upgrade.

But at this stage you can keep using the OC client. As extra info, we are also still using OC client while our company server has been migrated to NC.

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