ownCloud Phoenix

Owncloud has implemented a new look for the app and it looks very good.

Can this be ported as an app to Nextcloud?

You can do anything but my guess is that it’s such a major change that it won’t be feasible.

Actually I don’t even know if this concepts makes any sense. Things will be more decoupled which is good in general but as stated:

This clear separation will require changes to almost all apps which live today in the ownCloud ecosystem. As of today, all apps ship both parts in the same app. This is a breaking change in the ownCloud architecture but we are willing to take that.

Given that ownCloud has very few apps it’s maybe not as invasive as in Nextcloud. It’s a way to kill off the app ecosystem for sure.

I guess it’s good that they take a radical departure from being too similar to Nextcloud… more choice with options that are not confusing new users too much (like right now the case with Own/Nextcloud).

Lets all hope they get rid of the php backend next. That should be fairly easy once they properly decouple front- and backend.

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Sure, half a million lines of PHP will be replaced pretty quickly especially in a less verbose language like Java.

I’m sure they could migrate the whole platform to nodejs in, like, 3 hours. It’ll be fine.


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Why replace crap with crap? :smiley:

“fairly easy” != “pretty quickly”

But if you have a well defined api between front- and backend then you are of course free in your choice for the backend.

Edit: would not really fancy Java myself, but if it does the job for the customer. Why not?