ownCloud migration to Nextcloud

Hello Folks,

This is my first post. I am interested in migrate my personal ownCloud 9.1.8 to Nextcloud. I have seen different ways to migrate.

Can I migrate my ownCloud using the Nextcloud migration tool as found here: https://nextcloud.com/migration/ ???

I have only two users accessing the ownCloud, with no apps installed… I am quite new to all this.

Thanks for your help!!!

You can but make a backup. Also use Google :wink:

Thanks for the info @BernhardPosselt

My ownCloud server package was installed through an ownCloud repository. Once migrated to Nextcloud, should I remove owncloud completely via

apt-get remove --purge owncloud owncloud-server


Thank you so much for your help!!!

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I have proceed with the Nextcloud migration tool and I go to the webpage, it says

Current version is 9.1.8.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

Is this normal???

Thanks for your help!!!

Not sure if ownCloud 9.1.8 is whitelisted for upgrades yet, @jospoortvliet

Do you when that might be???

as a workaround: could you try updating to a supported OC-version and then do the migration?

@nickvergessen might know more about the state of what can be upgraded and what not…

@jospoortvliet @nickvergessen Any update on the upgrade path from ownCloud 9.1.8? Thanks :slight_smile:

I have now update my owncloud instance from 9.1.8 to owncloud 10.0.8.

Is Oc 10.0.8 withelisted? Can I do the migration through the nextCloud updater???

Could you try following change? https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/9493

This should make the update work.

We released the new version and it should be possible to upgrade from 10.0.8

I have finally made the move and it worked without a glitch.

Now I have the [There were problems with the code integrity check. ] message that I have to deal with. But it works…


This one should be resolved by the update of the news app. Otherwise post the output of the integrity check in a separate forum topic and people will help you.

We released the new version and it should be possible to upgrade from 10.0.8

Currently owncloud version 10.0.10 is the newest - is it meanwhile also possible to upgrade from there?

Hi @_edwin, I habe the same question. Should ich remove my owncloud via apt remove after migrating to nextcloud?