ownCloud migration loses shares by LDAP groups

Just migrated ownCloud 8.2.11 to nextCloud 9 and it looks like everything is fine except I lost all shares that where using LDAP Groups. The groups are present in nextCloud, but if someone shared a folder or doc with an LDAP group, it doesn’t appear. If in nextCLoud 9 I manually share a folder with one of those groups, it doesn’t work either.
If I migrate owncloud 8 to owncloud 9, the shares are fine.
Anybody faced the same problem?
Thanks for any help

Solved… looks like it’s a bug.
Just clicking on the Edit LDAP Query and then OK seems to rescan all folders/files and enable whatever has been shared by groups.
When testing the LDAP user list, it’s still buggy, returning few users. It tells me I have 534 when I actually have 4300.
But this works on nextCloud 10, 11, 12 and 13. So I consider this solved.