ownCloud java client library


I´m currently working on a Java Desktop app, and could not find an Java library. So, having as base the android version ( https://github.com/owncloud/android-library ), i was able to tweak it to work with the jdk7.
My question is. Would the community be interested in it? Currently it is in a private repository, but i could share it once its stable enough.
( Dont worry. I will release it anyway, as the license demands, but would be neat have it shared in the official owncloud github account )


Hi @DiegoLassa,

We do also have a fork with further additions:

So we would definitely be interested and would be very happy about a pull request :slight_smile:


Looking for a java api for next cloud. Were you able to develop it? Would be helpful if you can share the repo

Hello i am looking for a JAVA API for nextcloud as well , would be awesome if u can share it.