"Own" Unsplash functionality

After installing the “Unsplash” app and anticipating being able to rotate my own photos on the splashscreen, I realised that the images were coming from an external server! What’s with this?? It seems to me that this is anathema to the ethos of controlling one’s own server!

The functionality of the Unsplash app is desirable but, linking to an outside source for the images is detestable. Could the former be implemented into NC at some future time?

That would indeed be a good feature. Selecting a folder with pictures that show up on the login screen if wanted would make much more sense. Unsplash is nice, but my own pictures (or at least those stored on my own Nextcloud) would be even better.

I put a comment on the Github repository here:

Great! Thanks for the leg work, Alfred. I’m looking forward to seeing this feature.

And… “thank-you” in advance, tireless and dedicated devs, for working so diligently on this :medal_military:

Looks like that github comment has been moved into it’s own Github Issue #6: Request: Backgrounds images from a folder within Nextcloud