Own password secured folder (website) under nextcloud


how can I integrate an own folder (containing a small website) under nextcloud?

This folder must not be accessed without permission, it should be protected with the standard nextcloud login. The idea is, to start inside nextcloud (how?) the website (index.html), being located inside this folder but only granting access if the nextcloud login was successful.

Thanks for any response


So you want to host a small website, that is only accessible if you are logged into nextcloud, right ?

That is probably not very easy.
What kind of website is it ?
Is it static text and images website or does it need access to data from nextcloud ?

There is a app called cms_pico. Maybe it can do what you want (i have never used it myself).

If cms pico does not meet your needs you might need to write your own App (it is not that hard).

My goal is, to open a website in my browser, which is secured with a .htaccess file. The website is located inside my nextcloud.
My problem could be solved if I’d had such a .htaccess file which check whether the user has already successfully logged in or not. If not the login screen should appear and after successful logging in, the website should open.
The second obstacle is that the website includes iframe code (needed to show videos which are hosted at vimeo). Unfortunately iframe code is obviously not allowed in nextcloud.

Its not possible to check if the user is logged into nextcloud with a .htaccess file !

All regular nextcloud traffic gets routed through the backend, where the login gets checked.
The htacces is on another level of your server software stack. Htacces is getting processed by Apache, the Nextcloud Login gets processed by the Nextcloud Server Backend (PHP).

What do you mean by that ? A URL like nextcloud.mydomain.com/mycustomsite ? Or that you can access the source code through the nextcloud frontend ?